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Fused blue glass beads from the houses of the Grid 12 excavation.


Those currently responsible for specific areas of work are:

  • Project Director

  • Barry Kemp (McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research)

    Assistant Director

    Anna Stevens (McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research)

  • Excavation & survey

  • Great Aten Temple
    Barry Kemp
    Mary Shepperson

    South Tombs Cemetery Excavation
    Barry Kemp
    Anna Stevens (McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research)

    Desert Hinterland Survey
    Helen Fenwick (University of Hull)

    North Palace study
    Kate Spence (University of Cambridge)

    Panehsy Church Project and Settlement Survey
    Gillian Pyke

  • Conservation & reconstruction

    Surésh Dhargalkar
    Simon Bradley

  • Objects
    Julie Dawson (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge)
    Lucy Skinner (Buffalo State College, State University of New York)

  • Environmental history

  • Archaeobotany
    Chris Stevens (Wessex Archaeology and Institute of Archaeology, University College London)
    Alan Clapham (Worcestershire Historic Environment and Archaeology Service)

    Paul Buckland
    Eva Panagiotakopulu (University of Edinburgh)

    Charcoal analysis
    Rainer Gerisch (Free University, Berlin)

    Organic residues
    Margaret Serpico (Petrie Museum, University College London)

    Tony Legge (McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research)

  • Physical anthropology

  • Jerry Rose (University of Arkansas)
    Gretchen Dabbs (Southern Illinois University)
    Melissa Zabecki (Parkin Archeological State Park)

  • Material culture

  • Leather working
    Andre Veldmeijer

    Metal working
    Mark Eccleston (La Trobe University)

    Glass and faience
    Paul Nicholson (University of Cardiff)

    New Kingdom pottery
    Pamela Rose (Austrian Institute for Archaeology, Cairo)
    Boris Trivan

    Canaanite Amphorae
    Margaret Serpico (Petrie Museum, University College London)

    Roman pottery
    Jane Faiers
    Gillian Pyke

    Roman glass
    Jane Faiers

    Roman wall plaster
    Gillian Pyke

    Small finds
    Anna Stevens (McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research)

    Kristin Thompson
    Marsha Hill (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)

    Kom el-Nana decorated stone fragments
    Jacquelyn Williamson (University of California, Berkeley)

    New Kingdom texts
    Marc Gabolde (Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier III)

  • Photographer

  • Gwil Owen (McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research)

  • Illustrator

  • Andy Boyce


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