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Start of the 2009 season of excavation at the cemetery
Above: Gold alloy ring (object 39447) from the grave of a child (Individual 98)

South Tombs Cemetery 2009

The fourth season at the cemetery that lies along the shallow valley behind Tomb 25 (the tomb of Ay) ran for six weeks, between 31 January and 12 March. Excavation this time was spread over two widely separated areas, for convenience designated the ‘upper site’ and the ‘lower site’ (see map below). The former was a continuation of the excavation of previous seasons, within the next 5-metre-wide strip to the north, the latter, previously unexamined, was chosen to be significantly distant, to explore the extent to which the results so far obtained apply more widely across the cemetery.

Mary Shepperson supervised at the upper site, assisted by John Muir and Barry Kemp; Anna Stevens did likewise at the lower site, assisted by Jo Lewis and Amy Williams. Wendy Dolling helped with final excavation and planning of graves at both sites. The SCA inspector was Effat Fillip Shohedy.

Plan of the South Tombs Cemetery showing excavation areas.

Above: Plan of the South Tombs Cemetery showing excavation areas. Map details supplied by Helen Fenwick. (View PDF of plan)

Four illustrated reports are attached as pdf files:

STC 09 Upper Site report.pdf (Mary Shepperson)

STC 09 Lower Site report.pdf (Anna Stevens)

STC 09 Objects report.pdf (Anna Stevens and Barry Kemp)

STC 09 Bioarchaeological report.pdf (Melissa Zabecki and Gretchen Dabbs)


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