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Faience pendants found during excavation, depicting Hathor and Bes

The Ceramic Study

Anna Garnett

The ceramic assemblage from the Amarna Stone Village is being studied as part of an on-going research project, funded by the Egypt Exploration Society’s Fieldwork and Research Budget. The aim of this project, entitled: ‘Understanding a New Kingdom Worker’s Community through its Pottery Assemblage’, is to document, analyse and publish the pottery excavated as part of the Amarna Stone Village Project, in order to clarify in more detail the function of the Stone Village, the experiences of the people who lived there, and its links with other parts of Amarna.

The rich contextual data of the Stone Village pottery, and the fact that it is securely dated, provides – like ceramic studies at Amarna as a whole – an opportunity for ceramic research beyond dating alone: a chance to use pottery to explore themes of industry, trade and exchange across Amarna and beyond, and social themes including status, community identity and, in the case of the Stone Village, non-elite experience.


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Garnett, A. 2016. Understanding pottery and people at the Amarna Stone Village. Egyptian Archaeology 49, 16–19.


Plan of Amarna showing the position of the Stone Village. Map produced by Barry Kemp