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The foot of a glass chalice from the excavation of the monastery at Kom el-Nana.

Roman Glass

Jane Faiers
A relatively small, but varied, collection of Roman glassware was recovered from the Kom el-Nana monastery complex. This was recorded between 2003 and 2006, and a monograph on the work, entitled 'Late Roman glassware and pottery at Amarna and related studies’, is now in preparation.

The vessel forms are surprisingly varied with some showing extreme delicacy in their making and decoration. The colours of the glass ranged from a very dark blue through light blue and shades of green, sea-green, brown, pale-yellow and clear. Applied decoration was mainly in shades of blue, with one beaker sherd having red streaks included as the glass was blown.

Forms include dishes, bowls, platters and goblets, flagons, flasks, lamp bases and one part of a bangle. No complete form has so far been found. The glass lamps possibly would have fitted into a form of chandelier made of iron.

Apart from the bangle, which was of moulded glass, all other identified pieces were of blown glass.

A selection of the glassware is illustrated below.




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